Archives: June 2012

I hate beginnings…

“Fifty years old on a good day. Younger, some days. Older, quite often. New York, U.S. of A. by birth. Now live in the UK. I married my very own English rose – Maggie. (I’m a lucky man). Settled here in QueenElizabeth-land to bring-up our kids (Kevin, now 17 and Karen, now 19). I work hard. I play hard. I pray to my God and I talk to Him regular.
We live in a digital world, so I thought ‘hey, what the heck!’ I’ll start a blog. I have something to say. I have read other blogs and I don’t believe you need to go on about sex and drugs or swear to be interesting. I’m in oil. I used to be in rubber – now that’s interesting!
I’m middle aged but who says this blog thing can only be for young people?
We can share our experiences. Sharing I like and I want you to share with me; so you are welcome to my Blog. Tell me what you think of it. Talk to me about it. Shees! Someone please talk to me!”


…And that is the opening of the new novel I am currently working on – ‘The Brinkmeyers’ . I hate opening chapters, those first few pages are the hardest of all. I never know how to make them work, how to grab the reader. Does the above work? Let me know. We’re in development here – we could collaborate!!