Are you at a certain age? Too old to blog, too young to care?

My character Hymie Brinkmeyer from the book I am working on, believes he is a man of today but he is at a ‘certain age’ – an age when men look back with more happiness than when they look forward. Am I at that age? Maybe that’s why I’m writing this character. Can you be an author and not write from personal experience? I mean do you have to have experienced something to write it down – or is knowledge of it enough? In other words, are even works of fiction in some way autobiographical? As Hymie might say, ‘Hey, think about it…”

Extract from the Brinkmeyers: (Hymie is an American who has settled in the UK. He has a difficult life – his kids don’t understand him, his teenage daughter is pregnant – again! And his English wife is probably having an affair – oh, and his sectetary loves him but Hymie hasn’t noticed that yet. Recently he took up blogging….

“…It’s raining all over the world

I have had a day of thinking and playing my old records. Sure, I have a CD player – I am a digital man, but I like my old records. My son, Kevin, when he was younger, I was playing Tubular Bells, he says ‘Hey, what’s that?’ I said, ‘It’s Tubular Bells!’ He says, ‘No. Not the music. What’s that?’ He is pointing at the record on the turntable. He does not know what a record is!

This is what we call progress. It is also what we call getting old! But I am not one to cling to the past. I prefer CDs. I like MP3s. I have even bought an iPod and I download stuff – see, I’m Digital Man!! BUT there are some things just sound better on record. There are some things you can only GET on record.

Today, I am playing Randy Crawford. ‘Secret Combination’! Here is music: ‘Lonely Night In Georgia’, ‘You Might Need Someone’! This is music to be sad to…

Only I don’t know why I am sad.

Answers please, on a postcard…
…I mean by posting me below…On the blog or Facebook or whatever it is.

Digital Man… See. That’s me.

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  • Hey digital man, bloggers come in all shapes and sizes and nobody is every too old, that’s for sure.

    I like your choice of music :-)