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As you may  have noticed from my other posts I am not just interested in writing, I am interested in writing for an audience. I guess that must seem obvious but writers don’t need to write for an audience if they don’t want to. It seems perfectly OK to me if you just want to sit down and pour your thoughts out onto a sheet of paper – call it therapy if you will, call it free expression. What you put down may be brilliant art or it maybe a load of rubbish but if the primary aim is to satisfy some inner personal need, then cool – it’s all the justification you need to be a writer.

However, there is another type of writing and that’s the type of writing where what you have to say is something you really want other people to read. In its own way it may be just as therapeutic for you as the above and it is probably just as personal but once you make the decision that you want someone else to read your work all kinds of forces come into play. You will edit your work more carefully, think more about the construction of not only the piece but each paragraph, each sentence…

In a kind of writer’s quantum mechanics you will reduce your thoughts to basic parts – this  examining of the nuclear parts of your work  will affect  how you choose each of your words (the building blocks or the atoms of your molecular whole). You’ll start choosing words not just because they convey your meaning but because they reflect the style in which you want to put across that meaning.Why say ‘view’, when you can say ‘vista’, why say ‘the man is mad’ when you can say he is a ‘dreamer, his mind in another universe’.

In short (or dare I say in other words) you are now being led by the audience and you want to impress that audience, you want to impress the reader, you are not now being led by your desire to express yourself – you want to entertain, you want to impress. When you get to that stage you are truly a writer and you have a story to tell. So, tell it…



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  • I daresay I disagree! I think one is a diarist and the other is a writer. A diarist is the one who writes for no audience; a writer has the drive to communicate!

  • Writers write but not all who want to be read write to their audience.

    I write because I wanted to be part of on line communities. I edit so my thoughts on paper are coherent.

    An amazing thing happened. A voice came forth and people responded in ways I could have never imagined.

    I then understood I have a gift. I do not want to hone it by the audience. They did not create it. All they did was notice it.

  • I use the term “writer” loosely myself. However, I don’t tend to want to impress anyone with my writing. I think in high school I did, when I thought I was so smart, using big words or flowy, poetry type of words. I’d rather use my poet skills with my songwriting. Sometimes, it’s alienating to the audience if you try to act smarter than them, IMHO. I know it depends on your audience and niche and your personal style. I don’t want to be known as the flowery type of writer. I want to be known as a writer who helps others.