Please Tell Me What You’re Reading.

I need to know somehting – what are you reading??

I can’t be a writer if I don’t know what people read and why  – ok that’s not strictly true and I’ve already sketched a thought on this before – but for now just satsify my curiousity, will you please? In the Facebook group ‘The Ultimate Blog Challenge’ there are nearly thirteen hundred members (all of them obvioulsy articulate, witty and terribly well educated, of course)  – and that seems to me like a good sample to ask my simple question. What are you reading right now? Please let me know. This is research, this is valuable stuff to a writer…

Ok…Ok…  Yes, and I’m curious too – like a nosey neighbour leaning over the fence. I want to pry. I want to pry into your reading material. Please tell me.

We need to refine this a bit. Perhaps I should be asking you what you are reading today or at least during the course of the last week? I don’t much care what it is you are reading – maybe you just look at the newspapers occasionally, maybe you’re strictly a magzine reader or maybe you’ve got your head into Pride And Prejudice, or Tolstoy or The Bible  or a scientific journal or a text book for an exam. But let’s share what we read. Reveal your reading habits in a comment right here, right now.

And DON’T be shy – Fifty Shades Of Grey has sold over 20 million copies apparently (a vast percentage of them ebooks) so some of you must reading that or other forms of erotica – bet you won’t tell me though….

Oh, and while we’re at it, why not add the title and author of your absolutely most favourite book ever…

OK I’ll start. Right now I am readng ‘Tree Surgery For Beginners’ by Patrick Gale (excellent, by the way) and my favourite book, and has been for nearly forty years,  is ”The Spire’ by Wiliam Golding. The man told stories better than anyone else ever has about the inner person that is inside us all,  what he called, ‘the youness of you’.

Anyway, I must rush now, I’ve got to down-load Fifty Shades Of Grey….