Billy Christ – a new trailer!

There’s a new trailer for Billy Christ on You Tube from The Other Publishing Company. I hope you enjoy watching this and will remember to buy the book next month (November). It’s been a lot of fun writing the book and working on the videos even if Billy’s World is a very ‘peculiar’ one – but it may well strike a few chords with some of us who lived our childhood days in the 1970s – especially if we happened to go to a Catholic Boys’ school – not that I am assuming that any of us actually murdered anyone… or did we?

Click below to see the new trailer:

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  • Chilling. I really like faint images of the man with the bow tie and the women, all just as I pictured it when I was lucky enough to get an early read the novel. Roll in November!

  • Roll ON November!

  • Samantha de-Vilder

    Can’t wait to get my teeth into this Michael! Jess says it’s a really great read…and I know she would be your harshest critic!! I love psychological thrillers!

  • Thank you. I hope you enjoy his world – in fact, there are some quite funny things happen to Billy, as well as the odd ones…

  • So glad you like it – I hope you find the actual book a good read. Do let me know. M

  • It’s not too creepy – in fact it starts out as just another schoolboy yarn set in the late 60s- all the usual stuff – secret diaries, chasing girls, pop music, The Beatles, cutting up dead cats, bopping at the village hall disco, visions of the Virgin Mary, arithmetic homework, Latin exams, transvestism and murder…and a bit of religious mania – nothing over the top, of course!