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It’s not often I get mentioned in the same breath as James Joyce. I mean – blimey!!! But this review appeared on Amazon – thank you janehuddy – you made my week. Mind you it should be pointed out that Joyce lived most of his life in utter poverty and totally unappreciated by everyone… Ah, I see..!

5.0 out of 5 stars A beautiful piece of literature, 3 Dec 2012
janehuddy –
This review is for: Billy Christ (Paperback)
It’s a long time since I’ve finished a book and wanted to shout out to the whole world to read it, but that’s exactly how Billy Christ made me feel. Michael Cameron manages to take you into the minds of his characters without the need to signpost who they are beforehand. His subtle use of character nuances and descriptions bring them to life in a way which often makes you feel like their thoughts are being spoken to you directly.
Billy Christ is a complex character troubled by faith and morality, whilst at the same time wanting to be ‘normal’ and fit in at school. We follow his journey through to adulthood and are left wondering what really happened to him right up until the final chapter. Some of Billy’s story is chilling, but the writing is so beautiful it often tricks you into believing that was he’s doing is perfectly okay.
Billy Christ is a novel which reminds you just how great literature can be. For me, Michaeal Cameron is a contemporary James Joyce and works like this should be held up and praised.

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