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  Billy Christ

My new novel BILLY CHRIST will be published soon by The Other Publishing Company. Look out for details:

Young Billy has problems relating to the normal world because he is immature, obsessive and delusional. In fact, when things get really bad his parents take him to see the ‘man in a bow tie’ in Harley Street. Since then it is only in his secret place, a clearing in the woods near Butler’s Farm, that Billy can be himself. Here he can cut-up road-kill, say his prayers and make gruesome sacrifices to his God – safely watched-over by the shadowy figure of his Guardian Angel. Then one day a mysterious girl enters the clearing and shatters his world for good. It is the beginning of a confusing time for Billy and when the girl is found dead a few weeks later he is left wondering if maybe he was her killer. He’s not sure – but he does know who killed her mother – he definitely did that.

Set sometime in the 1970s Billy Christ is a wry look at family life and growing-up in a brand new, brave new world where TV ads have become a kind of drama and people like Dennis Potter, should know better. In Billy’s world, people read colour-supplements and barely hide their snobbery behind amateur dramatics and continental holidays. Of course, there is the awkward matter of God who should be seen but not heard: unfortunately for Billy He will keep cropping-up, even when Billy is in the clutches of a sexy young girl with interesting curves and ‘busty substances!’



In Harm’s Way – Published by Arrow

This is a compelling and evocative account of a childhood lost to poverty, neglect and abuse in a now easily forgotten Ireland. ‘In Harm’s Way’ is a real page turner with some gut wrenching and heart stopping moments which still mananges to be an ultimately optimistic tale. Amazon Review

The extraordinary true story of a childhood of neglect and sexual abuse at Dublin’s Artane Industrial School, In Harm’s Way is the poignant tale of a childhood lost, and of a life reclaimed.

I don’t feel sorry for myself. Today everything is all right. I look at it is this way, it can’t ever be as bad as it was then…’

Sean Hogan was just eight years old when he was confined in the notorious Artane Industrial School under the brutal regime of the Christian Brothers. In and out of care throughout his childhood, Sean was so badly neglected by his alcoholic parents that he never even knew what day his birthday fell on, or how old he was – things he only learned as an adult. But when he arrived at the Artane, instead of receiving the care he so desperately needed, he entered into months of horrific sexual abuse.

Now, for the first time, he feels able to tell his story – and reveal the devastating truth of what really happened in Ireland’s industrial schools. In Harm’s Way is a powerful and moving story of astonishing hardship and near despair, but also of triumph over terrible adversity.
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